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A brief History of College Copy Shop

A Brief History

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College Copy Shop Presents: A Brief History. We have been in business for over 37 years meeting the needs of today’s discerning buyer of print services. In 1968 College Copy Shop began in Toronto. Our current owner, Salim Bhimji, worked there from 1975 until 1977 when he moved to Edmonton. On October 10th 1978 College Copy Shop opened in Edmonton. Salim became the Manager and only employee of t ...

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What did you say?

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College Copy Shop Presents: What did you say? Common terms mean something completely different when it comes to printing. Hickey: Reoccurring unplanned spots that appear in the printed image from dust, lint, dried ink. Blanket: The rubberized surfaced material secured onto a cylinder onto which the ink is transferred from the plate and then to the paper. Bleed: Any element that extends up to or ...

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