Frequently Asked Questions at College Copy Shop

Thank you for visiting College Copy Shop on the web. If you are looking for an estimate please use our estimate request form. Below are some FAQ’s, if there are questions that we have not answered, please ask us using our email or contact us by calling Downtown (780.423.1458) or Southside (780.438.2472).

Your College Copy Shop Team is eager to serve you.

Special Requests

At College Copy Shop we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround. For most items we are able to accommodate very tight deadlines. Depending on the scope of work for your print job, if the artwork is ready and the production schedule currently in the shop it could very well be possible to have your job ready in less than a day if need be.
If you are on a tight deadline be sure to let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Yes, we do offer delivery service for an additional fee. Orders over $500 are eligible for free delivery within the City of Edmonton.
Please contact our Customer Service Representatives (780-423-1458) to inquire about delivery charges.

Yes, you can supply your own paper stock. However, please be aware that there is no guarantee that it will run properly through our machines. It is a good idea to have extra stock for testing and proofs.

Please note: we cannot print on pre-cut stock smaller than 7.5 x 7.5″ depending on your output preference. If you are unsure please call to confirm.

College Copy Shop cannot reproduce any copyright materials without permission. Even an out of print publication may be copyright protected. Below is an excerpt from http://copyright.lib.utexas.edu/copypol2.html to help you decipher if something is protected under copyright.

Any work published on or before December 31, 1922 is now in the public domain.

Works published between January 1, 1923 and December 31, 1978, inclusive, are protected for a term of 95 years from the date of publication, with the proper notice.

Currently protection runs for 70 years from the date the author dies (called, “life of the author” plus 70 years). Further, publication is irrelevant. Works are protected whether they are published or not.

Finally, those works that were created before December 31, 1978, but never published, are now protected for the life of the author plus 70 years as well.

When in doubt, get permission.

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