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Let your advertising message be heard

Put something beautiful with a quick message in the hands of your clients. Invite them to an event. Tell them about a new product or service. Give them something to remember you by. When advertising for your company there are many ways to do it. In print media two great ideas are mailouts and envelope stuffers. Both options work great with post cards and rack cards.

Rack Cards

Rack cards are great for envelope stuffers due the their size being perfect for a standard envelope but they also fit great in brochure holders and stands. A handy replacement for a brochure when you have a shorter message to convey.

Post Cards

Post cards come standard in 4×6″ but can be done in any size to fit your message. Want to stand out more in the mail? Create a larger piece. Want something pocket sized to give out at an event? Maybe something just a few inches will work best.

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