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  • Environmental Appeals Board Annual Report
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Reports, Manuals, Information Packages

Reports and manuals are a great tool and are utilized in a lot of different ways. With all that information in one place there can be a lot of different things to keep in mind.

Layout, Flow and Design

With all the time and effort you’ve spent putting it all together you want it to be used. How it’s laid out and the flow of the content can be just as critical in getting your content read as the text you choose. There are a lot of great templates to help get you started and if you need some help don’t forget that College Copy Shop provides in house graphic design services. We can create from just your text or help improve on what you’ve already started.

Printing and Format

Deciding on more than just black and white vs colour options can be a process that affects a lot. There are different paper options for covers and body. Binding vs stapling is something to consider when deciding how many pages you’re putting together. Is the size going to be good for the end user? Will you need protective covers depending on the environment it will be used in? If you’d like help navigating the many options just ask. Sometimes knowing the answers to these questions will help save time in the digital setup.

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