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Customize your message

Mail merge, widely used in most offices, is one instance of variable imaging. Most of us have used this feature in word processors. It enables us to merge two documents:

  1. One document is a STATIC file like a letter being sent to many individuals.
  2. The second document is a VARIABLE file comprising of names and addresses of the individuals to whom the letter is being sent.

This is the principle of VARIABLE IMAGING – two documents, one static, the other variable.

What if you wanted to customize more than just names and addresses. Variable imaging can use any text, picture or feature as a variable for your document. The entire page is variable. Would you like your letter to print on different letterhead depending on where the client is from. Doable. Would you like your letter to include a P.S. for certain clients? Doable. Would you like your letter be signed by different people? Doable.


We’ve all seen forms that are numbered but think beyond that. Would you like books of forms for your employees that contain different information for each day. Combine different information in a monthly book that reflects information needed for the date, day and the employee using it.

Promotional items

Would you like to send out calendars, books or brochures to your client specific to the industry they’re in. With Variable imaging you can print numerous different calendars with different production schedules and images personalized for each client. Brochures with just the information that is meaningful to that individual client. Books with products that they use on a regular basis. What a great way to personally connect with your clients?

The possibilities are endless…

There is so much that’s possible. Think of what you can do with variable imaging in your field…
And please do come and talk to us about your next variable image project 780.423.1458

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