Our Team

Our team puts over 100 years of collective experience at your service. Most of us multi-task and are happy to take charge of customers and your printing projects. From graphic design and pre-press to print production, finishing and bindery, if it happens on paper… it happens here!

Below is our list of team members at each location:


  • Aly Janmohamed AKA “the Go To Guy” when you’re lost, he has an idea. – Account Manager
  • Ewa Malecka AKA “Speedy” can finish a 2 hour job in 45 minutes. – Production
  • Eva Castillo AKA “Precisionist” will make your products look sharp – Production
  • Eapen Mathai AKA “the Sleuth” will pick out the smallest dot on any document. – Production
  • Laura Sproule AKA “Smiley” is happy to help in any way needed. – Production
  • Salim Bhimji AKA “the Silent Type” is behind the scenes making sure we’ll always be here for you. – President
  • Sarah Woodcroft AKA “the Design Guru” will make you look great even when you don’t know how. – Design, Production
  • Tracy Clark AKA “the One With Many Hats” will make sure it all gets done. – Digital, Production


  • Colleen Gara AKA “customers love her” – they’ll come back just to see her – Production
  • Michael Walsh AKA “the Perfectionist” ensuring everything’s done right, even if you won’t notice. – Digital, Production
  • Jordan Alexander AKA “Go-To-Guy” – he will take care of everything so you don’t have to worry – Production
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