How can I ensure that my fonts will print properly?

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When working with text, it is important to remember that not all computers will have the font you are using installed. To avoid font substitution errors, you can do two things:

1. Convert your font to outlines or curves.

  • Photoshop: Layer menu / Flatten image.
  • Illustrator & InDesign: Select all / Type menu / Create outlines.
  • Corel Draw: Select all / Arrange menu / Convert to curves.

This will convert all text in your document to an image and prevent the font from displaying incorrectly. Note: Once type has been converted to outlines, the text is no longer editable.

2. Include your font with your file submission

If working in a program that does not allow you to create outlines, you can include the font file with your submission. This allows us to install the font on our end and keeps the text editable.

  • Finding a font on your PC
    Right click on your start menu and select “Explore.” Then open the Local Drive (C) folder. Select the “Windows” folder, and then “Fonts.”
  • Finding a font on your MAC
    Open the Finder and select the Hard Drive folder. Select the “Library” folder, and then “Fonts.”
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