What are “bleeds” and text safe area?

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Bleeds are the portion of your document that extend past the borders of your page. The purpose of bleeding your document is to ensure background color and images print to the edge of your paper without leaving an unprinted sliver on the edge when cut to size.

Bleed Area: The bleed area should extend 0.125″ on each side past the finished document size.
Example: if you are making business cards (3.5″ x 2″) your bleed size should be 3.75″ x 2.25″. Note: Bleeds are only necessary if the color extends to the edge of your document.

Safe Text or Critical Image area is important to ensure that none of the text or critical images like logos will be cut off when being cut to size. Please setup your margins for a minimum of 0.25″.

Text Safe Area: The safe area is 0.25″ from the edge of your document.
Example: if you are printing a 8.5×11″ flyer your safe text area is 8×10.5″.


To ensure that we use the correct document dimensions please provide crop marks when supplying a document with bleed.


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