What should I keep in mind when using Word?

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Microsoft Word is a page layout word processing program. Word can accomplish a lot of things and has a tonne of tools at the ready. Used to its full potential it is a powerful tool. Unfortunately it isn’t always the easiest program to work with in the printing world.

First, it won’t imbed your fonts. Each computer has different ones loaded and if the we don’t have your fonts it won’t look like you thought it would when it gets here. You can get around that by making a PDF from your word document and sending that. Keep in mind that a PDF won’t be easily altered if we notice any errors at the printing stage. Text only documents should scale well provided you haven’t used any text art.

Second, it will work with both vector and raster images but won’t let you know which they are once they’re embedded and may convert them to raster if you apply any edits to the image. This may be a problem if we’re scaling your file to a larger format. You can get around this by creating your file at the finished size you’re looking to print at.

Third, it works in an RGB colour space and printing is done in a CMYK colour space. Not only will all the information you create in word will be in RGB but it may also be converting your images to an RGB colour space. This conversion compounded by converting to CMYK for printing may create colours you weren’t expecting. You should colour proof your document on our machines, especially if you are colour critical as there is no way around this with word.

All in all Microsoft Word is great for what it is intended for: page layout and word processing. For graphics heavy items such as brochures or poster there are other programs better suited but if Word is what you’ve got, go for it, we’ll make it work. For critical images like your company logo or other trademarked items you should use a graphics program that will give you more file format options, higher control of colour and a greater ability to control the quality of your image. If you don’t have access to graphics programs and you created your logo in word it will work in some formats but not all, in the long run it’s worth the cost to have it rebuilt in a vector format by a professional.

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